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Thread: Operation AROMA III

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    Default Operation AROMA III

    Hello All,
    If the MODs will permit a request so far post-WW2?
    From my memory of being peripherally involved in this at the UK end, I think this means 'AROMA 3' (there were quite a lot more!).
    I’m showing my ignorance here, but I need some help.
    I want to look at the meteorology (and the met persons involved in that discipline/Operation) in:-
    TNA ES 5/387 Operation AROMA III (Midway, June-July 1973) Date: 1974 Jan 01 - 1974 Jan 31.
    But the TNA Discovery website says:-
    This record is closed whilst access is under review.
    And Opening date: 21 August 2009.
    (These two statements are contradictory?!)
    And Submit FOI request.
    If it’s ‘closed’, how do I know if there is any of the information in it that I want such that I can submit an FOI request to get it opened (which, according to the conflicting statement, it already is)?
    I would appreciate some ‘step-by-step’ advice from the experts!
    Peter Davies
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