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Thread: Searching for LAC J. Bartley of 184 Squadron, circa 1944/45

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    Default Searching for LAC J. Bartley of 184 Squadron, circa 1944/45

    Hello fellow researchers,

    I am holding little hope with this request, and it's becoming maybe a last resort for a final push search wise then maybe call it quits, for good. There is a chap who evidently from several photo's I have was a great friend of my late Grandfather, and I would like to find out more about this chap if possible. I may have lightly touched on the subject several years ago in another thread to with my Grandfathers records, but not specifically asking for help.

    The time and place of Bartley can be pin pointed to being in 184 Squadron, likely 6184 S.E, in northern Europe but specifically Kastrup/Copenhagen in 1945 around VE Day. The photo's I have of him are on 184 Squadron website if you would like a look (saves me loading them up here), he is the chap with the more square rounded face, unlike my Grandfathers long oval face. The are in Copenhagen city square, Tivoli Gardens, a wooden hut and one especially is with my Grandfather and DFC Bob Hornall in front of Hornall's Typhoon.

    In another photo of my Grandfather, Bartley is not in the shot so at least we can rule him out of being in 129 Mysore Squadron at it's inception.

    All I have is that he was known as J. "Curly" Bartley. Whether that was as nickname or not who knows, and also I can't be sure his first name was beginning with J...

    For now that is all I have. I know it is very very little to go on, if at all, however for me it is a last attempt and hoping the kind folk on this board could shine a light into a crevice I haven't yet seen.


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    Fox, Hi,

    IF (rpt IF!) he is just “J” then this lot fall out of TNA AIR 78/11/1. You can ditch 69694(too late), and 548743(too early). Yr man might be in the lower eight? 240GBP and 8 letters to Cranwell and you’ve cracked it!!!

    Bartley, J 69694 690001 699999 ? 1 Oct 64
    Bartley, Joseph 548743 505001 549999 ? 1 Oct 25
    Bartley, John 1530034 1475000 1550000 Padgate 1 Apr 41
    Bartley, James 1532532 1475000 1550000 Padgate 1 Apr 41
    Bartley, Joseph 1595899 1585001 1600000 Weston-s-M 1 Sep 41
    Bartley, James 1613236 1610001 1649900 Cardington 1 Oct 41
    Bartley, John 1864211 1860001 1869700 Cardington 1 Oct 42
    Bartley, James 2203666 2200000 2212749 Padgate 1 Oct 42
    Bartley, John 2216171 2213000 2220000 Padgate 1 Oct 42
    Bartley, John 2225317 2225001 2229353 Padgate 1 Sep 43

    Peter Davies
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    Afternoon Peter.

    That's an eye opener, thank you. Not sure I'm that flushed with pound notes, but it still a fab help just in case I stumble over something else. Many thanks.
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