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Thread: Escape from Norway, September 1944

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    Default Escape from Norway, September 1944

    Some 30 years ago I wrote a manuscript which was not published (I think of reviving it – but so far, just thinking). It was about Canadians in the air war against U-Boats, It included the following story (the 75th anniversary may be marked formally this year).:

    “Yet the most curious triumph for Canadians during the period [autumn 1944] involved no submarine at all. In the first hour of September 26th, 1944, S/407 was airborne from Wick, piloted by Flying Officer G. A. Biddle. At 0538, a message was received at base stating they had developed engine trouble and were making for Norway.

    “Biddle crash-landed on a small airfield southeast of Bergen. His crew managed to set fire to their aircraft and evade capture; the German troops nearby had been so preoccupied with a changing shift of guards that they had failed to notice until too late that the airplane on the field was Allied! The Canadians linked up with Kjell Harmens of the local Underground. He in turn arranged passage for them to Britain by way of the “Shetland Bus” – a motor torpedo boat operated by a legendary figure named Larsen who made 60 wartime trips under the noses of the Germans. By October 12th, the crew was back in Britain.”

    Elsewhere I added the following:

    Crew were J19606 Flying Officer Gordon A. Biddle (pilot), Ajax, Ontario; enlisted in Windsor, Ontario, September 16, 1940; retired September 13, 1945; J26374 Flying Officer George Frederick Death [this might be Deeth], enlisted in Toronto, March 30, 1942; retired August 29, 1945; J13270 Flight Lieutenant Marion Maurice Neil, Enworth, Saskatchewan; enlisted in Saskatoon, May 29, 1941 as Marion Maurice Nebozenko; changed name; retired July 5, 1945; J85879 Pilot Officer Kenneth William Graham; enlisted in Toronto, June 22, 1941; retired June 27, 1945; R115449 Warrant Officer George Edward Grandy; enlisted in Toronto, July 23, 1941; retired August 17, 1945; R174494 Flight Sergeant Elliott Harvey Firestone; enlisted in Montreal, July 11, 1942; retired February 3, 1945.

    I would hesitate to post this modest narrative but for the fact that someone else has done a much better job of telling it, and I invite you to consult -
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    George Grandy's Log Book identifies the Wellington as, Mk.XIV NB811.

    Likewise, the No.407 Sqn RCAF ORB.

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