In the book

The Fighting Cocks: 43 (Fighter) Squadron By Jimmy Beedle there is the following comment

"We had said Brodie (Ian Eustace Brodie) "10 Officers" 6 Sgt Pilots. 58 NCO's and Airmen. we were happily self contained for maintenance"

Firstly, I know his memory of 10 Pilots is based on a Photo of the 43 Siskin Aerobatic Team 1930 which survives (and is in above book) where there are 10 pilots listed

F/O Ronald Francis Fletcher #27249
P/O John Heber-Percy #26137
P/O George Reginald Alexander Elsmie #26133
P/O Eric Rolfe Simonds #26124
Flt/Lt Ian Eustace Brodie #17140
Flt/Lt Edward Thornton #04241
Sqn. Ldr. Cyril Nelson "Kit" Lowe, M.C., D.F.C.,
Flt/Lt Christopher Tom Walkington #05007
F/O Roderick John Torrington Barrett
F/O Eugene Esmonde #27198 Later VC

But what was the actual size, well I looked in the ORB and at the end of each year it lists the Sqn flying personnel and for 31-12-1930 it has the following (I have provided full names and services numbers where appropriate)

43 Sqn 31-12-1930

Sdn Ldr Leonard Horatio Slatter OBE DSC DFC
Flt/Lt Edgar Theodore Carpenter AFC Flight Commander
Flt/Lt Edward Thornton #04241 Flight Commander
Flt/Lt Ian Eustace Brodie #17140 Flight Commander
F/O Ronald Francis Fletcher #27249
F/O Roderick John Torrington Barrett
F/O Eugene Esmonde #27198 (estimated) Later VC, DSO -> Eugene "Kingsmill" Esmonde
P/O George Reginald Alexander Elsmie #26133
P/O John Heber-Percy #26137
P/O Eric Rolfe Simonds #26124
P/O Ernest Dawson #29066 (estimated)
P/O Charles Harry Williams #28202
P/O Sydney Dennis “Slogger” Slocum #28166
P/O Patric Bernard 'Paddy' Coote #26155
362041 Sgt Sydney Frank King
365094 Sgt Charles George Wareham.
363308 Sgt Arthur Frederick Alexander Underhill
364479 Sgt George Ronald Aggett
365028 Sgt Joshua Stephen Willis

So actually approx 14 Officers and 5 Airman pilots 19 in total

1 Sqn Ldr

And 3 Flights made up of 6 Pilots each consisting:

I would assume an even spread of one Flt/Lt and one F/O per flight, 2 x PO's and 2 x Sgts

I would assume 58 NCO's and Airmen is also approx correct unless any other else can come up with a better figure

Note: Eugene Esmonde #27198 is listed at born Eugene Esmonde and in RAF as always Eugene Esmonde but in wikipedia as Eugene Kingsmill Esmonde