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Thread: No 4 Course No 51 O.T.U. Cranfield

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    Default No 4 Course No 51 O.T.U. Cranfield

    I have a picture of a group of Airmen at No 4 Course No 51 O.T.U. Cranfield including my father-in-law. Any general information would be welcome at this stage

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    I know a little about Cranfield and 51 OTU so may be able to help if you can let me have some more details ... possible dates, your father-in-laws name etc. Unfortunately I am unsure about course numbers and dates but in early 1943 a number of Americans pilots were trained at RAF Cranfield under the tuition of 51 OTU (an operational training unit specialising in the training of night fighter crews). They were taught to fly the Bristol Beaufighter for operations with 415 Squadron USAAF. This was one of four 12 Group USAAF night fighter squadrons that were to operate on a freelance squadron basis in the Middle East theatre, with Beaufighters supplied by Britain on a reverse lend lease basis.

    It may be that the photo relates to this time. I would be most interested to see a copy of the photo and would be happy to check any names given against my notes taken from the unit operations record book.

    Colin Mackenzie

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