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Thread: 1947 Unaccounted Airmen Database Reconciliation

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    Default 1947 Unaccounted Airmen Database Reconciliation

    This thread will be used to post consolidated updates for the 1947 Unaccounted Airmen

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    New Zealand

    Squadron Leader George Thomas WILSON (1175). RNZAF. Headquarters Unit, RNZAF.
    Died of natural causes


    Leading Aircraftman Allen Edwin ROBERTS (122589), RAAF. Telegraphist, 1 TAF Labuan, RAAF.
    Died from illness in South Australia post-discharge. Joined 15 March 1943 and discharged 22 October 1945. Repatriation Commission determined ROBERTSí death was attributable to war service.
    NAA: A9301, 122589

    Leading Aircraftman George Hilton LEACH (120260), RAAF. 31 Reserve Depot, RAAF Exmouth Gulf.
    Died of illness at Heidelberg Military Hospital, Victoria post-discharge.

    Flying Officer William Hungerford ROGERS (420599), RAAF. Wireless Operator, 103 Squadron RAF.
    Died as a result of service. At 113 AGH, Concord, NSW post-discharge.
    NAA: A9300, Rogers W H,

    Leading Aircraftman Patrick Joseph CUSACK (128850), RAAF. Canteen Steward.
    Died at Heidelberg Military Hospital, Victoria post-discharge.
    NAA: A9301, 128850,

    Leading Aircraftman Ellis Joseph BRODIE (14112), RAAF.
    See RAF Commands post post #4 by Col Bruggy

    Corporal Trefor Glyn DAVIES (205232), RAAF.
    Died at Heidelberg Military Hospital, Victoria post-discharge.

    Leading Aircraftman John Edward MULLER (56776), RAAF.
    Died at Heidelberg Military Hospital, Victoria post-discharge after being admitted in February 1947.

    Warrant Officer Harold Roy STEVENS (429032), RAAF. Pilot.
    Flying solo and crashed in Beaufighter A8-356 when undertaking a single engine trial, 3 miles from Richmond NSW. Engine failed at 4,000 feet.
    NAA: A705, 166/38/1431

    Leading Aircraftman John Gordon FOX (23620), RAAF.
    Died in hospital in Brisbane Qld post-discharge. Was admitted to hospital a few weeks prior.

    Aircraftman 1st Class Darrell Kenneth MARCH (168760), RAAF. Trainee Fitter, Ground Training School: Allonville, RAAF.
    Killed instantly in a motor car accident at Alfredton near Wagga NSW. In a car with 5 other airmen who were not seriously injured and the car rolled 3 or 4 times. Enlisted 08/04/1947.
    NAA: A705, 166/27/1268

    Leading Aircraftman Percival John GANT (152098), RAAF. Driver Motor Transport, RAAF.
    Died from pulmonary tuberculosis at the Repatriation General Hospital, Springbank, SA.
    NAA: A705, 166/15/637



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