I am a 'pro bono' researcher specializing in clarifying the events concerning ships sunk during the evacuation of Singapore in February 1942 - and the identities of those on board. There were no passengers lists for these vessels. I have completed very detailed documents on 15 vessels so far which can be seen on the COFEPOW website..
I have a specific question as to the identities of the 32 men who were the crew of RAFA 'Aquarius' which i understand was a support/rescue vessel to 205 Squadron at Seletar in the five years before the Japanese invasion.It was sunk on 15 February ( near Banka Island off Sumatra) after escaping from Singapore on 10 February. I have contacted RAF Museum, RAF Seletar, RAF Butterworth - Penang Assn with this enquiry but without success.
'Aquarius' had a crew of 32 men and on its last voyage was carrying approximately 60 'passengers' - there were three survivors who reached a deserted island on which there were other shipwrecked survivors ( including Air Vice Marshall Pulford)of another evacuation vessel - but these three men died on the island of disease withing a few weeks.

Any suggestions as to where I could locate the crew list - or even something tracing the RAF men on board as evacuees heading for Java - would be appreciated.

I also have researched the launch 'Elizabeth' which had five RAF men on board when it was sunk after escaping Singapore - all these men on 'Elizabeth' and 'Aquarius' are in the 'Missing Presumed killed' category.


Michael Pether
New Zealand.