This did not occur a RAF Kenley, Surrey - United Kingdom as per

Rather it occurred in Wilts!

The crew were

Lieut Bahjat-Bin-Rauf pilot & LAC Couzens (obs) plane from Netheravon crashed in field near Post office at Wooton Rivers, Marlborough, Wiltshire in dense fog. The Pilot taken to hospital with head injuries and cuts to face. But the Obs was uninjured.

Lieut Bahjat-Bin-Rauf was a Royal Iraqi Air Force Pilot From:

The Role of the Military in Politics: A Case Study of Iraq to 1941 .Senior Officer Iraqi even of Oct 1936 Coup: Religion: Christian, Trained BMC and Cranwell.Born Mosul. Rank Capt: Commander No 2 Bombing Transport Sqn RIAF (Royal Iraqi Air Force)

Couzens may I say may have been George Walter Couzens #507983 later a pilot in BoB: