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Thread: 470929 - Unaccounted Airmen - 29-09-1947

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    Default 470929 - Unaccounted Airmen - 29-09-1947


    470929 - Unaccounted Airmen - 29-09-1947

    From Henk's List -

    McMILLAN, D. I. - Lt - 542258 - SAAF.
    Cape Town ( Claremont ) St. Saviour's Cemetery, Western Cape, South Africa.

    ADDISON, John - Sqdn/Ldr - 27023 - RAF.
    Rosskeen Parish Churchyard Extensions ( or Burial Ground ) Ross and Cromarty.
    GRIFFITHS, Leslie Hilton - AC2c - 1665201 - RAFVR.
    Nottingham Crematorium Nottinghamshire.
    HOPPER, Ernest - AC2c - 2288328 - RAFVR.
    Sunderland ( Bishopwearmouth ) Cemetery, Durham.
    WINSTONE, John Ernest - Cpl - 1278860 - RAFVR.
    Brookwood Military Cemetery, Surrey.

    From CWGC -

    WILKINSON, Geoffrey - Sqdn/Ldr - 110811 - RAF.
    Leeds ( Lawnswood ) Cemetery, Yorkshire.


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    ADDISON, John - Sqdn/Ldr - 27023 - the National Probate Calendar records that he died at The Joint Hospital, Invergordon. He is recorded as 'ADDISON John Macdonald otherwise John otherwise Jack.'

    GRIFFITHS, Leslie Hilton - AC2c - 1665201 - registered Burton-on-Trent.

    HOPPER, Ernest - AC2c - 2288328 - the Sunderland WEcho of October 3rd 1947 reported the following:

    How Ford Estate Man Died
    “It is unfortunate that this young man was breaking the orders of his unit,: declared the Coroner (Mr W. Blackhurst) at the Kirkham inquest yesterday afternoon on 19-year-old Ernest Hopper, of 36 Felstead Crescent, Ford Estate, who was killed when the R.A.F. lorry he was driving between Lytham and Warton (Lancs) overturned on Sunday night. The jury returned a verdict of misadventure.
    “He was carrying two passengers in his cabin instead of one, and took some drink at a Lytham hotel, however little it was,” said the Coroner.
    Evidence indicated that Hopper was sober, said Mr Blackhurst, but he had a responsible duty as he was carrying other men, and must have known it wasn’t right to take drink on duty.
    A.C. Hugh Brown, of 101 P.D.C. said he was in the cab when the lorry overturned. Two cars coming from the opposite direction had blazing headlights. “Hopper put his head to the side as if he was blinded too,” he said.
    When Brown told the Coroner a NAAFI waitress was also in the cab, Mr Blackhurst asked “Was there any fooling going on?” Brown: "No sir."
    Medical report stated that Hopper died from shock following haemorrhage due to serious internal injury.

    WINSTONE, John Ernest - Cpl - 1278860 - the Dundee Evening Telegraph of October 6th 1947 reported that he was found gassed in a derelict house in Richmond, Surrey. It reported that:
    Evidence left no doubt that [he] committed suicide because "he became involved in a love affair which, as far as he was concerned, ended only in disappointment and frustration."

    WILKINSON, Geoffrey - Sqdn/Ldr - 110811 - the Yorkshire Evening Post of September 30th 1947 reported that he wa found dead in a house in Carrholm Drive. It reported:
    Dr Wilkinson, who had served in the R.A.F. during the war, had been for some time undergoing treatment for psycho-neurosis at St. James's Hospital. He leaves a widow and a small son.
    "That he died from asphyxia due to coal-gas poisoning, self-administered while of unsound mind, resulting from psycho-neurosis contracted from military service," was the verdict.



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