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Thread: 428 ORB entry for February 20, 1945: Crash of KB 855 W/C Gall pilot.

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    Default 428 ORB entry for February 20, 1945: Crash of KB 855 W/C Gall pilot.

    The 428 ORB entry for February 20, 1945 records the crash of KB 855 with W/C M.W. "Wing" Gall pilot, noting the failure of the two port engines. The A/C was a full write off:

    My dad indicated in his audio memoirs that Gall (who was a friend of my dad’s) crashed on the property of a mental health hospital. Dad said that “Wing” was small in stature and according to dad about 135 lbs. Dad met Gall at No 22 OTU, Wellesbourne Mountford. While there, Gall broke both his arms in a bicycling accident, which delayed his operational service and he was both surprised and pleased when Gall showed up at MSG.

    Dad commented that while the Lancaster was a beautiful aircraft to fly, you had to be pretty strong to handle it and dad kind of leaves the listener to wonder that perhaps Gall was not strong enough to handle it during this circumstance. Did weakness from the injury of 2 broken arms contribute?

    A/Cdre McBurney assessed the situation as “CARELESSNESS…An example of poor judgement and airmanship.”

    W/C Gall flew only 2 operations in March and none in April 1945. He finished with 15 operations, the last being to Hamburg, March 31, 1945. I wonder if he was grounded after the April 15 Minute?

    I would be interested in a photo of "Wing" Gall if anyone has one available.

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