I have been looking at a number of RAF Officers who left RAF Service Post WW1 on


I number of their files have some number on them

There is a PI Number: The I is Index (I think P is Personnel) and also a (NR) Nominal Roll Number often dated 7.11.18

I wonder where this Nominal Roll is - and have seen this at Kew - Has anyone looked at it ? Got a copy

Nominal rolls of officers, also transfers and disposals.
Air Ministry: Air Historical Branch: Papers (Series I). Headquarters, R.A.F. Independent Air Force. Nominal rolls of officers, also transfers and disposals.

Held by: The National Archives, Kew - Air Ministry and Royal Air Force records
Date: November 1918
Reference: AIR 1/1991/204/273/160
Subjects: Air Force | Armed Forces (General Administration)

Here are some examples of what I mean

Lt Col R.J. Armes General S.O. PI No 30274
Lt Col E.B. Ashmore General G.O. PI 271 9th 8 1918
Lt Col J. Attenborough General Ad. PI 23538 April 18, 1918. Nominal Roll 258
Lt Col J.H.W. Becke General G.O. PI 10 13.4.18 Nominal Roll 157 7.11.18
Lt Col B.R.W. Beor General Ad. PI 4 Nominal Roll 214 7.11.18
Lt Col F.L.M. Boothby General Dir. PI 36284 IA/41
Lt Col H.T.A. Bosanquet General S.O. PI 36007

Lt Col C. Bovill General K.B. 28/6/1915 PI 469

Lt Col H.D. Briggs General G.O. PI 36277 (Index No) 20.9.18

Lt Col W.E.S. Burch General Ad. PI 2 27-6-18
Lt Col W.B. Caddell General T. NR 57 7.11.18. PI 24812 2//1918
Lt Col A.D. Carden General S.O. NR 117 7.11.18 PI 191 4 May 1918
Lt Col E.T.R. Chambers General A. & S. NR 476 7/11/18 PI 36301 25 April 1918

Look how low the PI number of Becke, Beor and Burch go