In the churchyard in the hamlet of Slijpe, Belgium, a single unknown RAF servicemen is buried. No mention of date or rank. This grave was originally marked with the name S/Ldr George St. Clair Boyd Reid, RAF, Spitfire MK453, 91 Sqn, died 28-10-1944, until the wreck of MK453, and the body of S/Ldr. St. Clair Boyd Read, were found in April 1996. He was buried in Adegem Canadian War Cemetery. It is now assumed that the grave in Slijpe belongs to Sgt. Michil A.R.L.M. De Hepcee, Nr. 1399178, RAF Belgium, who went MIA with Spitfire BM652 of 350 Sqn on 13-11-1943 during a Rhubarb to the Lokeren, Gent area. Assumed crashed near Slijpe. Sgt. De Hepcee is remembered on Runnymede, Panel 147, and via a special memorial, nr. III/19, on Evère Field of Honour, Brussels.

Can any of the collegues from Belgium tell something about WW2 MIA research in Belgium? Would the Belgians use DNA technology to identify the remains in this grave? Has that been considered, and if so, why has it not yet been done?