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Thread: First 30 RAF Officer Service Numbers Estimated and Actual Circa 1930 onwards

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    Default First 30 RAF Officer Service Numbers Estimated and Actual Circa 1930 onwards


    Here is an extension of some work Steve Brew did with the Permanent Commission list names of August 1919

    I have guessed that these were allocated around 1930/1931/1932 - Has anyone got a Graduation List for the AFL for this time

    I can see by analysis of ranks that they were allocated upwards by rank, alphabetic seniority from AM, AVM, AC, GC, WC and Sqn/Ldr etc ( This is not the complete list I have) just the first 30 -

    Sources Sept 1939 AFL and Malcolm's Rafweb

    I think Edward Leonard Ellington in 1939 AFL is a Typo of 01202 instead of 01002 - there are other typos I have found - It makes sense

    Those died before a certain year (approx 1931) were not allocated a retrospective number. nr were those who had Permanent Commission Cancelled. Retired airmen were allocated a service number

    Any comments

    Estimated numbers have a ?

    I would love to know who could possibly be after 01023 Drew - I have no possibilities and may be a Late Perm Commision Group Captain not in August 1919 list and Downing should be around here somehow

    I believe most RAF Sequence's did not start on a "000" but on "001"

    01001? Trenchard H M The Viscount Hugh Montagu MRAF
    01002? Ellington E L Sir Edward Leonard MRAF Typo 01202? AFL Sept 1939
    01003? Higgins J F A John Frederick Andrews AM (Ret)
    01004? Paine G M Godfrey Marshall AVM (Ret) Died 23 Mar 32
    01005? Salmond J M Sir John Maitland MRAF
    01006? Salmond W G H William Geoffrey Hanson ACM Died 27 Apr 33
    01007 Brooke-Popham H R M Henry Robert Moore ACM
    01008 Charlton L E O Lionel Evelyn Oswald AC
    01009? Game P W Philip Woolcott AVM (Ret)
    01010? Lambe C L Sir Charles Laverock AVM (Ret)
    01011? Longcroft C A H Sir Charles Alexander Holcombe AVM (Ret)
    01012? Masterman EAD Edward Alexander Dimsdale AC (Ret)
    01013? Pitcher D Le G Duncan le Geyt AC (Ret)
    01004? Scarlett F R Francis Rowland AVM (Ret) Died 15 Apr 34
    01015? Steel J M John Miles ACM (Ret)
    01016? Swann O Sir Oliver AVM (Ret)
    01017? Arthur Vyell VYVYAN AVM (Ret) Died 30 Sep 35
    01018? Tom Ince WEBB-BOWEN AVM (Ret)
    01019? Bonham-Carter I M Ian Malcolm Air Commodore (Ret)
    01020 Borton A E Amyas Eden AVM
    01021 Bourke U J D Ulick John Deane 4 Group Captain
    01022 Clark-Hall Robert Hamilton Sir AM (Ret)
    01023 Drew B C H Bertie Clephane Hawley Air Commodore
    01024? Gerrard E L Eugene Louis Air Commodore (Ret)
    01026 Groves P R C Percy Robert Clifford* 3 Group Captain (Ret)
    01027? Halahan F C Frederick Crosby AVM
    01028? Hearson J G John Glanville Air Commodore (Ret)
    01029? Herbert P L W Philip Lee William Air Commodore Died 26 Nov 1936
    01030 Higgins TCR Thomas Charles Reginald Air Commodore (Ret)

    Kind Regards

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