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Thread: Help in identifying some RCAF first names

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    I've found Dodd this morning. He is LAC Henry Stanley DODD R89374 RCAF Fitter IIA
    This was a bit slack of me as I found a detailed report in the 422 Appendices giving all the names. I don't know how I didn't find it before. TNA version is out of focus but the microfilmed LA Canada one is very well reproduced, and without the watermarks. It can be found here
    Image No. 874


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    Very many thanks indeed, we'd been misled by his service number at some stage in the past, that is a great correction for us, thanks for your help.
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    He Pete,

    Arthur George MCROSTIE RAAF



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    As far as I can See

    Only 5 Outstanding

    4. Sgt D J JORGENSON R60588 204 Squadron aboard DV974 when it crashed at Bathurst on 1/10/1943.

    -> Possibly David Jonard Jorgenson

    5. Sgt H J SYKES R70408 302FTU was crew on ML845 when it ditched on route from Gibraltar to Bathurst on 23/07/1944.

    Maybe ????

    Harry J Sykes 27 May 1914 2 Feb 1985 Ontario
    Henry John Sykes Dec 1905 Manitoba

    6. Sgt W H or W M or D M PARKER R76156 422 Squadron wireless operator aboard "W6003" when it crash landed in Iceland on 28/09/1943

    NOTE: According to ORB this is W6033 J/422

    Very Strong Possibility that this is

    William "Bill" Parker Subsequently lived and Died Kesh, County Fermanagh, Northern Ireland prior to 2011

    The "War Grave" Information tablet is beside this whilst nearby are two chairs with plaques attached.

    One says "This Bench was erected in memory of Flight Sergeant BILL PARKER of 422 Squadron Royal
    Canadian Air Force who was stationed at Castle Archdale during World War 2 1943 - 1944 where he
    served as a Wireless Operator and Air Gunner"

    14. Sgt G H FLEMING R187276 422 Squadron who was aboard W6028 when it crashed in Enniskillen on 20th February 1944.


    George Howard Fleming 1922 Dec 8 1993 Edmonton (Vivian) RCAF member Alice O Fleming 1916 1989

    News Paper Obit reports RCAF Veteran "222" Squadron - Cannot see a 222 RCAF Sqn ?

    Sgt Air Gunner George H Fleming

    Maybe Married: Elizabeth Law HOBBEMA BC 1944

    Father of Bride Rev a J Law

    Edmonton Journal Edmonton Alberta Canada 29 June 1944

    15. F/Sgt J C WALKER R271038 (possibly Jack) 423 RCAF crewman aboard NJ186 when it crash landed and exploded at Jurby on 20/05/1945

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    Yes your summary is about right.

    4) JORGENSON :- Likely to be right as it is an unusual name and date of birth makes him the right age. I will not take it as read though unless someone can confirm it.

    5). SYKES :- Could be either of these though being born in 1905 would make him a bit old for aircrew.

    6) PARKER:- I am sure he was William. I am also fairly sure looking back through the ORB that the middle initial is M not H. D M Parker was I think a different airman. My mistake about W6033 and W6003 typo when doing the post.

    14) FLEMING:- Could be either I suppose though the George Howard is favourite. There was no 222 RCAF Squadron, and 222 Squadron was a fighter squadron equipped from March 1940 onwards with Spitfires, so chances are a typo for 422.

    15) WALKER:- I've rechecked the ORBs and the middle initial may be O not C and the service number maybe R281038.

    I have also found three more needing first names

    a) W/O M G HOLLAND R106010 RCAF who was on board DD862 of 423 Squadron on 20th January 1944 when two officers got accidentally shot

    b) Sgt T I SHAW R120707 RCAF on the same crew as above

    c) Sgt G STEVENSON R190241 RCAF crew on DD862 of 423 Squadron on 24th April 1944 when they attacked and badly damaged a U-boat, sustaining damage to aircraft in the process.



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