I have just joined the site after being an interested on-looker for a while. About 18 months ago I started a project on Short Sunderlands to try and identify all the crew/passengers in every loss/notable incident etc. My interest stems from my late grandfather who was a pilot on 201 Squadron 1944-1946. I have identified so far around 310 incidents and fully identified the personnel involved in most of them. I have now reached the stage where I am stuck. As far as Canadian airmen and officers are concerned I am still trying to identify 17 out of a total of 226. Any help in filling in some of the initials would be very much appreciated.

1. F/O W E LEIGH service number given as J25312. He was either a pilot or a navigator on 423 Squadron in May 1945. The service number maybe wrong as I have found an entry in the Canada Gazette for this number and it isn't him.

All the rest are NCO's
2. LAC H S DODD R59374 422 Squadron aboard Sunderland W6029 when it crashed in Scotland on 19/12/1942.

3. Sgt H B or B B (believed second name Bruce) CURRIE wireless operator on the same aircraft as above.

4. Sgt D J JORGENSON R60588 204 Squadron aboard DV974 when it crashed at Bathurst on 1/10/1943.

5. Sgt H J SYKES R70408 302FTU was crew on ML845 when it ditched on route from Gibraltar to Bathurst on 23/07/1944.

6. Sgt W H or W M or D M PARKER R76156 422 Squadron wireless operator aboard W6003 when it crash landed in Iceland on 28/09/1943

7. F/Sgt D F PORTEOUS R121294 believed to be a pilot on the same aircraft as above.

8. Sgt J GROLEAU R77180 230 Squadron crewman aboard T9050 when it crashed at Aboukir on 30/09/1942.

9. W/O K T ASHE R97017 423 Squadron aboard W6008 when it ditched on convoy escort 12/03/1944

10. Sgt D J WELLS R109487 (possible first name or Don or Donald) 422 Squadron crew on DD861 that ditched in the Bay of Biscay on 03/09/1943.

11. F/Sgt W H ABRAHAM R116835 423 Squadron aboard W6013 that crashed into Knockayld Mountain, Co Antrim on 05/12/1943.

12. Sgt A P LAWSON R129528 95 Squadron. Was the boat guard on W6062 when it hit by JM680 at Half Die on 31/05/1943

13. W/O R H VOYCE R145054 423 Squadron. The sole survivor of ML823 when it crashed off Co Donegal on 6th September 1944.

14. Sgt G H FLEMING R187276 422 Squadron who was aboard W6028 when it crashed in Enniskillen on 20th February 1944.

15. F/Sgt J C WALKER R271038 (possibly Jack) 423 RCAF crewman aboard NJ186 when it crash landed and exploded at Jurby on 20/05/1945

I have fully identified all the other Canadians involved in these and numerous other incidents. If anyone would like the full details that I have please just ask. If anyone has a suggestion where else I could try to get the names please let me know

Sorry its such a big first post, but thanks in anticipation