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Thread: Downward firing gun on Battles

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    Default Downward firing gun on Battles


    Its generally accepted that Sgt H Beddell of No.150 squadron came up with the concept of a rear facing downward firing gun fitted to the Battles of the AASF. A number of publications report that it was only after ACM Sir Robert Brooke-Popham visited the squadron on October 21st that the installation was given the green light. On the 24th a modified Battle was flown to Rheims for approval, which was given and the aircraft was flown to Fairey Aviation in Stockport for demonstration. Within the month squadrons of the AASF were receiving gun mountings from England.

    However, 218 Squadron were flying test flights with a 'downward firing' Vickers K gun on October 24th, I am trying to establish if this was the same mounting as 150 Squadron and was a 'in the field' modification that had spread to all AASF Battle Wings. Or had 218 come up with their own modification independent of 150 Squadron?

    Any pointers welcome.

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