This airman is on my pre May 1940 Caterpillar List because he bailed out Wellington N2875 Coded 'F' 115 Sqn on 24 Dec 1939. It had been hit by naval A/A fire 2.15 p.m. during an armed reconnaissance off the Norwegian coast. The radio, hydraulics and bomb doors were all damaged and one wheel was jammed in the up position. He landed at Orfordness, East Anglia

N2875 for this incident was identified by Martin Gleeson

In an article in Derbyshire Times and Chesterfield Herald - Friday 16 January 1942 on his DFM award (
Attack on Gneisenau and Scharnhorst at French naval base at Brest. Daylight Dec 18th 1941)
it says his second bale out was over England on 24th Dec "1940" sic when he landed in a tree but escaped with a shaking" - This is this incident with the year wrong and was first 1st bale out

For the 'first' incident was

""The first time (sic) was over France, before the capitulation when he landed among some French villagers who appeared at first rather hostile until they were convinced he belonged to the RAF. Then literally he could have had the village to himself. "

They have the incidents around the wrong way. Can anyone suggest a ID for this based on the date .?

I know it was before Oct 1940 and the not says 'over France, before the capitulation' so maybe between May 1940 and June 1940 - I assume he was still with 115 Sqn at the time