AIR81/1158 Squadron Leader J F Stephens and Sergeant J V West: missing presumed dead. Sergeant E C Parker: prisoner of war; Blenheim R3738 crashed into the North Sea, off the coast of the Netherlands, 20 July 1940.

I don 't suppose anyone has a copy of this Air file ?

Trying to figure out something about the survivor (512517) Ernest Charles PARKER

An article on him from 1945 getting his DFM says "After shot down by Germans
into Sea off Dutch Coast"

But he also had at least 1 bale out during the war. (He also had one pre-wat)

Article says

Previously shot down in May 1940 at Sedan France, but dropped into British Lines."

This may be the mass Blenheim raid on Sedan 14/05/1940

The question I have is did he bale out of Blenheim R3738 on 20 July 1940.or unknown Blenheim at Sedan in May 1940

Can anyone ID his loss for May 1940 ?