Hello everyone

I've been doing a bit of research on A. B. Dunford D.F.C. O.B.E., who was a Mohawk pilot in the Far East, and who figures heavily in the book 'Mohawks Over Burma' by Gerry Beauchamp. The book has many excerpts from Dunford's diaries, and one of the last entries is from January 1944, which mentions his first solo on a Spitfire VIII at Calcutta.

He was born at Newcastle-upon-Tyne in 1919, and died there at the young age of 49 in 1968. His death was reported in the Newcastle Evening Chronicle of December 28th 1968, and the article includes the following:

Mr. Dunford, of Furzefield Road, Newcastle, served with the RAF in the Second World War with a fighter squadron in Burma, and on photographic reconnaissance in Italy.
In February, 1951 [sic - September 1944], he was awarded the DFC and took command of the famous 607 Squadron, Royal Auxiliary Air Force for two years.

I know from the 155 Sqn ORB that he left them at the end of May 1944, one of three Officers from the Squadron "transferred to Bombay awaiting posting to the Middle East where they are to take up instructional duties at O.T.U.s."

So, if the newspaper article is indeed correct, he presumably returned to Europe at some stage after May 1944 to fly PR Ops, either after some time in the Middle East, or perhaps posted straight from India. I wondered if anyone had come across mention of him in connection with PR units in Italy?

Many thanks