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Thread: F/Sgt E Perran 798630 RAF Identification help

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    Since the start of this thread back in October there has been some updates elsewhere that were unbeknown to me.
    The site has updated the details of Perran with the given name Edgar.
    I have now also found the entry Simon referred to on Ancestry.
    When I contacted Dan Breen at he could only find one Perran family in Newfoundland at the time.
    The family in the 1921 Census consisted of:-
    The head of the household Thomas aged 37, his wife Selina (nee Boone) aged 30 and one son Thomas aged 1.
    I suspected there may have been a further son born after 1921, but the 1935 Census drew a blank.
    I have done some more digging since following up on Simon's reporting of an Edgar Perran b 1923. Initially I couldn't find it at all until I found out that
    Selina Perran (nee Boone) appears to have married for a second time sometime after 1930 a John Clarke (I believe it was after 1930 as John Clarke's first wife Josephine died then).
    A check of the 1935 Census of the surname Clarke now shows
    John Clarke aged 63
    Selina Clarke aged 48
    Thomas Clarke aged 15
    Edgar Clarke aged 12
    Walter Clarke aged 10
    Vincent Clarke aged 8
    For a while at least Selina's children took the surname of their stepfather, which accounts for the Perran family name missing from the 1935 Census.
    On the basis of all that I think it is highly likely that Edgar Perran is the right man. The surname is uncommon (only one family registered there), he is from the right area, and the right age to be bailing out of a Wellington in 1942 when he would have been 19. What happened to him after the war however remains a mystery.



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    You've done your homework, Chris! Checked a few local books, find-a-grave, and the Legion Magazine Last Post, but nothing; and he's not buried in the Field of Honour at Mt. Pleasant Cemetery in St. John's, Nfld.


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