Dear Forum Members,
Allow me first to introduce myself. Patrick Brion, born in Belgium, now living in Kahla (Thuringia, Germany). Retired from the Belgian army since April 2019, after 38 years of service. Several tours abroad.

My sole interest, besides being a photographer (which goes well together) is the research regarding the underground aircraft factory, called "REIMAHG", situated near Kahla (Walpersberg Mountain), Thuringia, Germany.

I've conducting this research since 1993 and currently hold a very big archive as to this topic.

You may be wondering what this has to do with the Royal Air Force, so let me explain.

1. The "REIMAHG" was covered several times by the PR units of both RAF and USAAF. Especially the 104 PR and 106 PR flew over the location, thus discovering the factory and the production of the Me-262.
2. The Intel Reports were created by the A.C.I.U. at RAF Medmenham, with a very special contribution by Constance Babington-Smith (who also discovered the Peenemünde V1 site).

We also have an association here in Kahla (just check, German/English) about the history of the "REIMAHG".

My questions are thus related to this topic.

I'm currently looking for the following information and do hope that you als specialists may be able to help...

1. An organisational overview of the Air Ministry
2. An organisational overview of the Ministry of Supply

That for starters, I would say!

Thank you!