Hi all

Does anyone have a copy of the CFS ORB for 1939 onward, please?

I have one 507611 Sgt Plt Charles Midwinter, who was posted to CFS on 23 Jul 39, according to the ORB of his previous unit, 54 Sqn. Unfortunately, it doesn't indicate in what capacity, e.g. as a student or as staff.

Does anyone have the ORB for this period, who could check if he rates a mention, please?

I don't believe he returned to operational flying after that (though I'm happy to be corrected), and the only additional information I have on him from this posting forward is as follows:

Com Prob Fg Off (44868) in GDB, 14 Nov 40 (sen 6 Nov 40)
AFM, 1 Jan 41
Fg Off (WS), 14 Nov 41 (sen 6 Nov 41)
Flt Lt (WS), 6 Nov 42
Seconded for spec duty, 1 Sep 44
Flt Lt (Subs), 1 Nov 47 (sen 1 Jan 43)
Appointed to PC as Flt Lt for subsequent transfer to Sec Branch, 30 Jun 48
Transferred to Sec Branch, 14 Feb 49 (sen 1 Sep 45)
Sqn Ldr, 1 Jan 52
Retired, 16 Oct 57

Any additional info gleaned from the CFS ORB would be appreciated, please.

Many thanks