Hello All,
Pse see https://www.thegazette.co.uk/London/...34597/page/962, right-hand column near the bottom, headed "Under Clause 10(b) of the General Regulations", is a job title of Air Service Clerks (Special Class). Does anybody know what this job entailed?
I discovered it while researching William James Craxford (WW2 uniformed Met Officer). I have a colleague who has a photo of Craxford (in uniform); ". . . . and have a foto of him in uniform briefing aircrew dated 28/3/43,along with a weather officer named Sqdn Ldr Sach DFC. This was from article by Carl Olsson in Illustrated News (a compatriot of Picture Post ) who visited 740 but wasn't allowed to name the airfield as 1943." (740 was the Met code number for Lyneham).
Now Sqn Ldr Sach, DFC, was probably Jack Frederick Sach (RAFVR 43475). I am still chasing his history but he was GD, not in the Met Branch!
In the interim I would like to clear up just what Donald Beresford Sach was expected to do!
Peter Davies