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Thread: T.I's and release-point flares

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    Default T.I's and release-point flares


    in order to avoid mixing up some things I would like to ask if my understanding is right ...

    In the night raid report of the raid 11./12.6.1943 is said that red T.I's were dropped in salvo on the aiming point and also release-point flares (red with green stars and white) igniting at 14.000 feet. The backers-up were to drop green T.I's on the red ones (overshooting the reds by 3 seconds, or aiming on the green ones already there. Half the T.I markers were to burst at 3.000 feet and half at 6.000 feet, certain markers were to burst at 10.000 feet.

    First of all, the release-point flares are also called sky-markers, right?

    If I got it right, the T.I's were all ground markers. Is that correct? I ask, because I wonder why these have been dropped at different altitudes?

    It is also said that 13 Oboe equipped mosquitos were despatched with the above mentioned red T.I's. Is it correct that this raid had been taken place by using the Musical Parramatta and Wanganui (because of the sky markers) tactics?

    Can anybody help?



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