I have been researching the details of the operations that my dad operations with 419 Squadron and came across this ORB entry for F/O Weir of 415 Squadron in Halifax LL593:


It seems they were badly shot up crossing the “Siegfried Line” on the route to Bochum, October 9, 1944. They should have crossed into German territory approximately at Kalterherberg, south of Aachen. I am uncertain of the briefed height of the force, but believe it to be low-level, approximately 2,000. They would have been vulnerable to light flak at that height.

I would be grateful if anyone can provide any insight into the German defenses that might have been responsible for this incident. Incidentally, there seems to have been 9 crew members on this a/c, possibly 2 additional from the RAF, in addition to the usual RAF engineer.