Hugh, magic!
You cannot beat the logic of the military mind!
Many have tried - and failed!
Section 40 of the Air Force Act (as I remember it) was that you could be "done" for anything as being contrary to "good conduct and Air Force discipline". I was once 'done' under Sect 40. But - being a 'barrack room' lawyer - I got away with it on a meteorological technicality. However, this was a bit of a Phyrric victory. The Drill Instructors, and their Discip Sgts, were only too keen thereafter to spot blemishes in my turnout and or uniform. It was, in many respects, a game. But if you lost a particular match, the penalty was running 3 times round the Parade Square with one's Lee-Enfield .303 rifle held, at arms length, above one's head.
Modern youth is excused such character building exercises!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Peter Davies