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Thread: Sgt James Edward Andrew, POW Crete

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    Default Sgt James Edward Andrew, POW Crete

    I have the group of medals to 537677 F.Sgt J.E ANDREW who is believed to have been taken POW in Crete in 1941. Various POW roll confirm his number but show him a J.A. ANDREW - which is wrong. None show confirmation of capture in Crete, his unit or squadron or indeed date of capture . I ask for help in ascertaining this information if at all possible. Hopefully, someone has compiled a roll of Crete POWs - but I have drawn a blank in finding such.

    He enlisted in 1937 and was doing well to be a Sgt when captured in 1941 and the thought struck that he may have been aircrew. Again, however, my searches have failed to confirm ground crew or aircrew. He survived captivity but died relatively young at RAF Yatesbury in December 1957 at the early age of 41.

    Any help would be appreciated.


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    James Edward Andrew
    537677 TNA AIR 78/4/3 Page 47 Left Col 3 from top.
    Somebody MUST have a list of Crete PoWs? Even if it's the Red Cross in Switzerland?
    I have been looking for such a list for years. 753715 LAC John Oswald Weston was made PoW from Crete. He was a Met Asst. He was NOT on his own! Which Unit? At Repatriation, posr-WW2, he gets a BEM which was announced as a singular Award in the LG - surely a very rare occurrence for an LAC? I'm trying to find out how he got separated from his Unit - and who might have been responsible. There is bound to be some 'dirty washing' to be aired - but so be it! That is what this forensic historical research is all about!
    Let me know if you ever find anything! I will do the same for you. One of the problems is - I think - that the RAF organisation and control in that shambles did not end up 'smelling of roses' (he said, being as careful as possible!).
    Peter Davies
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    Going slightly off the original topic, but with regards to J. O. Weston B.E.M., have you seen this?



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