A review of the Maidenhead Advertiser for 2nd July 1941 reveals that

2nd Officer Cadet Eric David Mills of ATA aged 24 and billeted at Maidenhead died as a result of injuries recieved on Sat 28th June 1941 when 2 aeroplanes collided at the Aerodrome (White Waltham).

He died of a fracture to the back of the skull and multipl injuries with death almost instantaneous.

He was having a flying lesson at the time and his instuctor Capt. Hampton (who was also seriously injured) and was still in hospital at the time of the original report.

Capt. Samuel George Kemp ATA Instructor said that at 10 am on Saturday, he was engaged on an instructional flght with a cadet (Philip Avory ATA). The cadet carried out the usual procedue prior to a landing and after running along the 'lane' for about 150 yards collided with another machine.

There is no clue as to the type of machines that were flown, does anyone know what types were used for training by the ATA at White Waltham in 1941 ?? Tiger Moths/Masters etc??

Avory said 'from the cockpit it was impossible to see anything immediatley in front or immediatley when one landed' - Fianlly there were 2 machines Mills and Hampton and one other that were in line with each other taxing just prior to the machine flown by Avory/Kemp colliding with Mills/Hampton