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Thread: Fighter Cover to Duisburg, October 14, 1944.

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    Default Fighter Cover to Duisburg, October 14, 1944.

    I continue to research the daylight operation to Duisburg, October 14, 1944. The Briefing Document for Tholthorpe, indicates there were 10 Squadrons of “Spits” on the Northern Route (outbound route), Rendezvous 5132N by 0530E; 10 Squadrons of “Spits” on the Southern Route (homeward route), Rendezvous 5123N by 0530E; and 6 Squadrons of Mustangs at target and withdrawal cover.

    The “Y” from Middleton St. George report records 428/Y and 419/B T/A [target area at a time of] 0846, 20000 [feet], Spitfire [seen] in spin, smoking, crashed on ground; 428/B N/W T/A 0845 18500 S/E A/C on fire in spiral dive; 428/E T/A 0850 20000 S/E A/C on fire in a spin into clouds.

    All available records I’ve looked at indicate there were no encounters with enemy A/C during this operation so I presume these aircraft that were seen going down were RAF/RCAF fighters, and likely shot down by Flak. Note some of these observations may be of the same a/c's. Can anyone put any details on these observations? 13 Lancasters and 1 Halifax were shot down by Flak over the target on this operation.

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