Hello All,
Apologies for showing my ignorance. I normally leave things ‘Canadian’ to the Canadians.
However, I have come across some RCAF guys who were used as MAOs (Meteorological Air Observers) by 251 Sqn at Reyjavik. These are on very poor images of the 251 ORBs. No number, or name, is completely legible – only a few numbers/letters in the majority of cases. Now when confronted with a similar problem in UK I can turn to Air 78, FREEBMD, CWGC (for actual casualties), etc, etc. I have used these for many years and have learned how to manipulate their contents (sometimes only changing one fig/letter, and searching again (and again, ad infinitum!)). These iterations are usually very time-consuming – but that’s something I have!
My question is: are there equivalents in Canada, and can one access them for free?
I think there were RAAF and RNZAF bods there as well - but I'll cross that bridge when I come to it - and some who were used as MAOs were not really meteorologists (they had, presumably, learned what to do by watching what the MAO did (a modern version of "sitting by Nellie")!
Peter Davies