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Thread: 57 Sqdn, missing ORB sections May 1940

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    Default 57 Sqdn, missing ORB sections May 1940

    I'd appreciate advice from anybody with knowledge concerning 57 Sqdn ORB's in 1940.

    I have all sections of Air 27 / 537 but find that Parts 10 and 12 seem to be missing and not apparently on the National Archives website listing. I have queried this with them but there doesn't seem to be a conclusion. I do know that the record for the month of April 1940 was lost when France fell and the squadron was evacuated - that much is stated at the end of Air 27 / 537 - 9. But I cant find the Form 541 Detail of work carried out for May 1940 and many of these Ops were flown from Hawkinge post evac.

    thanks Pete
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