I have been asked to assist with piecing together information for a new memorial to the crew of Halifax LW343 (35 Squadron) which crashed in Holland.

A summary of the loss can be found at https://35squadron.wordpress.com/201...w343-03121943/

There are two outstanding issues, the first being the respective roles of J.20043 JC Bonet and 144047 EA Alliston, as various sources (CWGC site, 35 Squadron ORB, Loss Card) have conflicting information about who was the Navigator and who was the Air Bomber.

The second is the identity of 1578044 HH or HM Smith, as various sources (Footprints, Loss Card, Air 78) have conflicting initials and no forenames (other than Harold Mornington or Harold Hornington? on the Air 78 record). It was hoped that the POW Liberation Questionnaire would clarify the matter, but there does not appear to be one for either of these initials at the National Archives.

It is understood that the crew, with DJH Cheal as the Captain, flew with No 51 Squadron prior to being posted to No 35 Squadron in October 1943, so there may be details there which might clarify either or both of these matters.

For obvious reasons, the inscription on the memorial needs to be correct, so any help would be very much appreciated.