Please can anybody help ? I am trying to identify an early commissioned WOp/AG who flew in Blenheims with 57 Squadron.

Pilot Officer Watson is first known to me when he flew with the CO on 9 July 1940 in an attack on Stavanger/Sola which cost many lives.
By 7 September 1940 he was flying again with the CO but now as a Flying Officer (WOp/AG) and he flew several times as such in later months.

Looking for a Watson who might fit the frame I have :

Alfred William Knox Watson (40486) promoted F/O on 25 June 1940 (killed Jun 1941 as F/Lt, 202 Sqn)
Anthony Richard Watson (40448) promoted F/O on 25 July 1940
Rafael Watson (40581) promoted F/O on 3 September 1940

I dont know their trades though and I suspect there may be more Watsons - any help appreciated.
thanks Pete