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Thread: Clothing - RAF Typhoon Pilots, Feb 1945

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    Default Clothing - RAF Typhoon Pilots, Feb 1945

    From head to toes, what clothing (winter flying helmet, winter flying boots, winter flying gloves, winter flight suit??) would an RAF Typhoon pilot wear when flying in Feb 1945?

    Was there a standard winter flying suit for RAF Typhoon pilots or did pilots wear what they chose to wear?

    Was the cockpit of a Typhoon heated & would this heating system (if there was one) actually keep the pilot warm in the winter?

    Thank you for all assistance.

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    Not really up my street this one, but I'll give it a whirl ...

    Certainly no special winter flying suit or helmet. From photos it is apparent that most had Irvin jackets but these appear to have been worn on the ground and pilots flew in 'battle dress'*, maybe with scarf or roll-neck sweaters. Standard gloves and flying boots.

    The Typhoon was an inherently hot aircraft and I can see no sign of heating controls in the pilots' notes. The problem was more in keeping cool, especially in summer.

    * NB Since c.July 44 2ndTAF pilots had been wearing army battle dress ie. khaki. This was to help ground forces distinguish them, particularly when downed in the region of the front lines.

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