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Thread: Master Bomber Dessau, March 7, 1945 ORB entry: "R/T Bulk?"

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    Default Master Bomber Dessau, March 7, 1945 ORB entry: "R/T Bulk?"

    From the ORB entry for S/L P R Mellor, 635 Squadron, Master Bomber Dessau, March 7, 1945:

    "We called the Recce Mosquito at 21.41 hrs but received no reply. We contacted the DMB at 21.45 hrs but he had received no message from the Mosquito and called the R/T Bulk, but heard nothing in reply."

    Do I have this correct as R/T Bulk or is it R/T Hulk or B/T Bulk or Hulk? And...what does that term mean?

    Edit: I wonder if this might have something to do with broadcasting simultaneously over a range of frequencies? Did this R/T equipment have that capability?

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