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Thread: Transferred Place-Names (UK/Oz/UK)

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    Default Transferred Place-Names (UK/Oz/UK)

    Hello All,
    This is a bit off-topic, but perhaps the Mods may permit?
    Today I was fossicking in the depths of CWGCs database. My mouse came to rest on the entry of a certain:
    6517 AC1 Arthur Edward Alderson. d. 8 Aug 1940 aged 29. Bur Narromine Gen Cem, NSW.
    Now I understand (ex-Wiki) that the name Narromine came, originally, from some word(s) in the Aboriginal language of the area. Not a problem. There are thousands of Australian place names so derived!
    But, but, but some 460 yards from where I am typing this is Narromine Drive, Calcot, Reading, RG31 7ZL. The spellings are precisely the same!
    There are hundreds of thousands of UK place names that were transferred to all parts of the world in the UK colonial era. Narromine, NSW, starts in the early/mid-1800s. Narromine Drive, Calcot, is not invented until the Fords Farm Estate is built in the early 1970s.
    Thus, it would appear that we have an Australian place-name transferred to the UK as opposed to the usual other way round!
    Im just interested! It may provide a search topic during the forthcoming festive season!!!
    Peter Davies
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    Hi Peter,

    Not sure on how the town was named, however it was the home of 5 EFTS, during WWII. I visited the town about 30 years ago and the chap who ran the general store was the nephew of F/L Reginald V Kierath of The Great Escape fame who took me over to his uncles house and showed me Regs old room with a photo of him in it.
    He then allowed me to photo copy his log book and letters as a pow, which I still have.



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