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Thread: Use of 250 lb bombs in 1945

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    While respecting your continuing interest and deepening research, it seems to me neither surprising nor awfully strange that such compromises were made on operations.

    To repeat, Armament notes directly that

    "even the 500 lb. G.P. stocks had to be conserved involving the operational use of the 250 lb. G.P. series... "

    Even with the qualifications of the full text (my above), plainly they did resort to 250lb GPs, out of need, and apparently with reluctance. A full bomb bay may have been thought better than part filled.
    Certainly delay fused bombs were in regular use to make ground conditions even more difficult.

    Remarked on variously at the time and after, there was often an element of "anything better than nothing" thinking, in the RAF and elsewhere....and rather persuasive in war time, however mistaken it often turned out to be.

    A distant parallel: Bomber crews misguided switching on of IFF over enemy territory...supposing it to jam radar guided searchlights/flak.

    Although there was never any effect whatever on searchlights or flak, Bomber Command HQ was long reluctant to act against this habit, on the basis that it encouraged the crews - that something was better than nothing.

    This despite mounting evidence that, as the aircraft were thus broadcasting their actual positions, the signals were soon detected by the Luftwaffe, leading directly to losses not from flak or searchlights but from Night Fighter interception... Jones in Most Secret War discusses his own part in dealing with this bit of the radar war.

    I've not seen Harris, which may be of interest. Likewise the RAF Narrative Vol VI previously noted.

    Possibly also any or all of the following, for which perhaps a good library might be close at hand?
    Hastings Bomber Command
    Falconer Bomber Command Operations Manual: Insights Into the Organisation, Equipment, Men, Machines and Tactics of RAF Bomber Command 1939-1945,
    Middlebrook Bomber Command War Diaries: An Operational Reference Book 1939-1945

    Some other members may well be far better across these and other references, and the particular case of late war use of 250lb GP bombs to distant targets.
    I really should leave this here, wishing you well with your project.
    Don Clark
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