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Thread: Bulldog K1093 Possible fate

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    Default Bulldog K1093 Possible fate

    Bulldog K1093 Deld to Ftg Area 7.4.30 for 54 Sqn; SOC 9.10.30

    Found out today

    AIRMAN ESCAPES DEATH. Flying Officer Eric James FINNEGAN, of the 54th Fighter Squadron, stationed at Hornchurch avoided injury recently. He was flying a single seater aeroplane over Westerham, Kent. when he was compelled to land owning to fog. The 'plane turned completely over. but Flying Officer Finnegan was uninjured. A motorist at the foot of Westerham Hill. who saw the pilot .. The machine struck a hedge and was wrecked. Only injury scratched hand.

    Published: Saturday 04 October 1930
    Newspaper: South Bristol Free Press and Bedminster, Knowle & Brislington Record

    found out from other sources this was 29th Sep 1930 - Now 54 Sqn were completely equipped with Bulldogs 18th Oct 1930- But incident to Finnegan not in ORB -I wonder if Stuck Off Date is a clue... Can't see ant other early 54 Sqn losses

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    K file reveals little that would help.

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