Roy Andrews, RAAF, wrote a self-published, typewritten memoir of his time as a wireless op/air gunner in India, which included his tour of ops on Liberators with 215 Squadron in late 1944 into April 1945. I'm editing his raw memoir, and I hope to track down his son and/or daughter to discuss possible republishing as a much-revamped book.

As is common in such memoirs, not all facts are correct, and I've solved most of them, so far. One which I've failed to figure out, however, is an officer and pilot named (according to Roy) RAY FELLA, who supposedly died from cholera in 1944. I cannot find anyone by that name in my limited searching, so far, and that includes the Commonwealth War Graves Commission. For all I know, the answer is right under my nose and will be easy for someone else to find.

Possibly the surname isn't spelled quite correctly. Can anyone figure out who this man is? I don't even know what branch of the air force he belonged to, or what his rank was, or when exactly he died, but here are the scant references from Roy's self-published book:

From soon after 11 July 1944:

"On the following day, after another visit to town, I found that I'd been posted to 1673 Heavy Conversion Unit just outside of Kolar, about 80 miles east of Bangalore. I would be crewed aboard a Liberator with an officer called Ray Fella. The rest of the crew were sergeants."


"At 1673 HCU yet not being trained as I expected, I was fed up with doing nothing and wanted to know if I'd really be on the course or not. However, at noon one day the CO told us that we were definitely on the course, and that, upon completion of the course, we would be joining 215 Squadron in East Bengal, India flying four-engine Liberator bombers. After hearing this, I went down with pilot Reg 'Jackson' Grouse, my mate, to try and change over from Ray Fella's crew to Reg's crew."

Finally, from September 1944, when Roy was on a course at AFTU (Air Fighting Training Unit) Amarda Road in India:

"By Friday, 22 September, Jackson and Pissey's bearer had been dragged off with cholera, and we'd
heard that my first skipper-to-be, Ray Fella, with whom Id shared a room for a while, had died of cholera!"

And that's the extent of Roy's references to this pilot.

Can one of our super-sleuths can identify this man, including the date of his death? Admittedly, I haven't spent much time trying to solve the mystery myself.