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Thread: An officer/cholera casualty named Ray Fella, India, 1944?

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    I can see the problem with the photos having looked through the copy of the original book you sent me. I suppose you could get a couple from the AWM, but I don't know what they charge for commercial use. Something hefty I should imagine.

    Should it be any help, my father has a number of press clippings similar to those in Andrews' book and I can scan them for you. Am not sure if any are identical, but as they were both on 215 at the same time their operational histories must have overlapped somewhere.

    I also have the DFC recommendations for both Reg Grouse and Fred Houghton, as well as some info on the mid-upper, William Smith. His DFM group was sold in 2016 on e-bay. The DFM was a replacement as the original was said to have been stolen in a burglary in the 1970s. That put me off it at the time, but I'm now more chilled and rather regret not going for it.



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    Thanks, Geoff. I started composing a separate email to be sent in a day or two, I think! I corresponded with Reg Grouse a few years ago, and he sent me a story about another pilot, who was married, but died when 215 had to send crews to fly Dakotas briefly in the Imphal area. BUT...yesterday I found out from the pilot's RAAF personnel file and his casualty file, that he was SINGLE!! It's such a touching story, too, about a wife who quickly picked another man in her life in India...but it is part fantasy. I'm just shaking my head. I don't like fantasy passed off as historical fact!

    Anyway, more when I can get around to it!



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