I have to admit that I dont have extensive experience with AM Form 78 Movement Cards - should I be surprised to see completely incorrect information recorded ?

I have been updating the 630 Squadron website records of aircraft operated and see that ND531's Form 78 records its allocation to the squadron on 27 Jan 44 followed by a reported transfer on an unspecified date to 460 Squadron and loss on 3 May 1944 (Mailly Le Camp) and finally it being SOC on 30 June 1944.

This serial number and loss are repeated in a couple of places on the internet, Bill Chorley correctly shows the aircraft lost on Mailly 3/4 May 44 by 460 Squadron was LM531.

Our information shows a series of 36 Ops flown by ND531 - including Mailly on 3/4 May 1944 - prior to its loss on 21/22 June 1944 (Wesseling) flown by S/Ldr Foster.

There are obviously some serial number errors in official records such as Air 27's and I've seen many in Air 50 Combat reports but I was not expecting this on a Form 78, how carefully were these cards maintained ?