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Thread: USAF Air Delivered Chemical Ordnance in UK in WW2

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    Default USAF Air Delivered Chemical Ordnance in UK in WW2

    Hello All,

    On another forum there is a minor, local, rumpus about the proposal to install a Weather Radar on a 30m tower at what was RAF Old Buckenden (now EGSV). This led me to look at some of the other ex-WW2 airfields in the same area. I found what had been RAF/USAF Deopham Green (now entirely returned to agriculture). I must admit that I had never heard of it up until now.

    It seems it was built in 1942/43 for the USAF who moved the 452nd Bomb Group (consisting of 4 x Bomb Sqns) in during Jan 1944. Apart from the flying Units, there were the usual Station support Units (all from Wiki!). One, in particular, caught my eye. It was the 872nd Chemical Company (Air Operations)!! This gave rise to several questions!

    Were there Chemical Companies (Air Operations) routinely on every USAF airfield in UK in WW2?
    Were Chemical Air Operations still – realistically - being considered at the start of 1944?
    Where was any possible “filling compound” for the munitions (either irritant/poisonous, biological/medical/nerve-agent, or flammable) made/stored in East Anglia, or was it brought from the USA?
    There seems to be very little info on the 872nd Chem Coy on the internet? Where does one look for it?

    Peter Davies
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