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Thread: Long Range Hurricane Flights

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    Default Long Range Hurricane Flights

    I came across a reference to an Indian Pilot flying about 3.5 hours in a Hawker Hurricane II, and a distance noted around 750 miles. its recorded in a logbook held in an archive. There is actually a note accompanying this entry claiming it to be 'Longest Distance/Run ever done in a Hurricane'

    My question - is it common or uncommon to find such long flights in a Hurricane? Have others seen similar flights recorded in primary source documents?

    I note from an Internet search that a Hurricane with Long Range Tanks was equipped to fly a Range: 460 miles (740 km) at 178 mph (286 km/h) normal fuel. 920 miles (1480 km) with two 44 gallon auxiliary tanks.

    I am assuming some ferry flights from N Africa to ME to India may have logged similar numbers.. though doing it in a single engined aircraft in the tropics or over the sea might seem like pushing it!
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