I have found in the ORB of a Mitchell Squadron a pilot, posted to that unit from O.T.U. with his NavB and Wireless operator, who is posted, two months later, to Air Crew Re-selection Wing, Brighton (I quote verbatim).
I've checked "R.A.F. Flying Training & Support Unit since 1912" and can't find this unit (page 44). There's an Air Crew Reselection board, formed 5.6.43 at Eastchurch, but this is later that the posting of the pilot, which occured in late November 1942.
This unit could be Air Crew Training and Reselection Centre, formed [when ? ] at Brighton, redesignated RAF Station Brighton, 15.9.41.

What was the task of that reselection Wing/Board/Centre ? I suspect some sensitive subject here.

My interest is focused on the WOpAG who re-crewed with another pilot, and was killed in action with him six months later, near Abbeville.

TIA for your help