All, while trawling the DFC Citations, stumbled on this one

133715 RAFVR Flt Lt Surender BERRY 1945-01-16 622 Sqdn
This officer has set a fine example of devotion to duty. He has participated in numerous sorties and has proved himself to be a most able and resolute navigator. In November, 1944, he took part in an operation against Homberg. During the sortie the aircraft sustained much damage. Flight Lieutenant Berry was badly wounded. Although unable to move he maintained a fine spirit and, under his direction, other members of the crew were enabled to navigate the damaged aircraft home. This officer set an example of a high order

622 Sqn operated Lancasters.

He is mentioned in LG

umber Name /Text London Gazette Details
133715 1386755 Surender BERRY London Gazette supplement : 35885 , Dated 1943-01-29 , Download #35885
133715 S BERRY London Gazette issue : 36094 , Dated 1943-07-13 , Download #36094
133715 S BERRY London Gazette supplement : 36809 , Dated 1944-11-21 , Download #36809

The name sounds 'Indian' to me . Literally the only mention in LG of a "Surender" Possibly an expat ? Any other family details to confirm origin?