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Thread: Possible Connection from the UK to RAAF Narromine

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    Default Possible Connection from the UK to RAAF Narromine

    Hello All,
    I have been asked to try to connect RAAF Station Narromine, in NSW, with a street-name (Narromine Drive) in a post-WW2 housing estate development in Reading, Berkshire.
    Narromine Airfield is at GE -32.215584148.224771 just northwest of the township of Narromine. It is 180 nm from the sea. It was in use from 1940-1945? The main Units were 5 EFTS, 8 OTU RAAF, 93 Sqn RAAF, and 618 Sqn RAF. 618 Sqn had been formed for anti-shipping operations using the HIGHBALL munition. Targets were rapidly reducing in Europe, and the Sqn was sent to Australia. The war against Japan was abruptly terminated by US nuclear munitions, and 618 Sqn was disbanded on 14 Jul 1945. (Source: Wiki, etc).
    On 27 Jul 1945 (as part of the disbandment procedures?) Flt Lt Francis James French (127458, RAFVR GD) flew DH Mosquito VI HR614 across Narromine airfield – possibly in a ‘farewell, low-level, beat-up’? It crashed, and he was killed (source: RAFWEB, for which tks!). The Mosquito VI normally had a crew of two. I cannot find the death of the Nav. So did he survive? Was there a CoI?
    The current theories are that somebody in the 618 Sqn team – or their parents/NoK? – was, post-WW2, in UK Local Govt and/or housing developing, and involved in the naming of new streets. Narromine Drive might (rept, might!) be some sort of memorial?
    I need a list of 618 Sqn names at disbandment. There is a large file in TNA (618 Sqn Appendices - 200 pages!) but my failing eyesight won’t cope with that. Would it have a personnel list?
    I should also say that, having been contacted by email, the local Council staff, Historians, Librarians, etc, etc, both in Narromine, NSW, and Holybrook, W Berks, have shown some considerable interest and are beavering away to see if there is any possibility of a connection between the two locations – from their end(s).
    Peter Davies
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