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Thread: Operation Paravane - Tirpitz - Sept 1944 - 9 Sqn Lancaster Losses - Sgt Keeley

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    Default Operation Paravane - Tirpitz - Sept 1944 - 9 Sqn Lancaster Losses - Sgt Keeley

    9 Squadron participated in the Sept. 1944 attack on the Tirpitz in Operation Paravane. According to 9 Squadron's ORB, 18 Lancasters were sent to Yagodnik airfield near Archangel on Sept. 11th. 1 Lancaster was forced to turn back, 11 landed at Yagodnik/Archangel while 2 landed at Vorskovo and 4 were damaged in forced landings (2 at airstrips and 2 in the wilds) and rendered Category E. In the appendix to the ORB which describes the operation reference is only made to letter codes of the aircraft. The two Lancasters that force-landed in the wilds are referred to as "Q" and "H" but no reference is made to the crews aboard either of these aircraft. I'm led to believe that one of these aircraft was piloted by Sgt. A.L. Keeley. Other members of his crew were Sgts. Wotherspoon, Chorny, Tanner, Chambers, Cornwell and Johnson. Can someone confirm this for me indicating which specific Lancaster was involved, the positions of each crew member (Keeley was pilot, Chorny was navigator) and details concerning their rescue?

    Thanks, Neil.

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    It would appear that Sgt Arnold Leslie Keeley RAFVR (later DFC), was piloting No.IX Squadron Lancaster I NF938:WS-H, on Operation "Paravane". Not much to go on - just the fact that; Cornwall, Chambers & Chorny* are mentioned in relation to Lancaster I NF938, here:

    Lancaster I NF938 was coded WS-H, LL884 was WS-Q (F/L Alexander Morrison Morrison RAFVR [later DFC]).

    * For more on Walter Chorny RCAF (later DFC), and the crew's rescue, see:

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