Reading #3 of Tangmere Logbook Autumn 2008

there is an article

Notes from My Logbook
Part 3 of an autobiographical memoir, Royal Air Force Tangmere, 1929-1930
Air Marshal Sir Anthony Selway,

In which he mentions incidents at Sutton Bridge while with 1 Sqn. He says he turned over a Siskin on landing (a picture of J8387 is included) and that a Bessonneau hangar collapsed in a Storm and damaged some more Siskins (broke backs) - A picture of J9924 included (with broken back)

A storm damaged a hangar at Sutton Bridge April 1931 ? But no mention of aircraft = See

School of Aces: The RAF Training School that Won the Battle of Britain
By Alastair Goodrum

The aircraft pictures may be for illustration only - I am unsure J8387 and J9924 were with 1 Sqn - Can anyone add any more ?