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Thread: 'Lost' DFC Citation found F/Lt A. M. Smith 171039 RAF(VR)

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    Default 'Lost' DFC Citation found F/Lt A. M. Smith 171039 RAF(VR)

    On Friday I copied the 1947 New Years Honours List files at Kew for someone else. Lurking among the pages was a DFC Citation that had clearly been misfiled. If anyone is looking for it it refers to

    Flight Lieutenant Allan Martin SMITH 171039 RAFVR 48 Squadron

    It reads, "Since joining this squadron Flight Lieutenant Smith has proved himself to be an outstanding captain of aircraft. On D-day he towed a glider from the United Kingdom to Caen. Although his aircraft was hit by anti-aircraft fire which put the starboard engine out of action, he released the glider according to plan. He then returned to the United Kingdom with only one engine of his aircraft functioning and made a successful landing. He also took part in the Arnhem operation and the two re-supply operations "Market II and III" which were successfully accomplished in the face of extremely intense enemy opposition. During the period which followed, Flight Lieutenant Smith flew 400,000 ilb of freight into France and Germany, making return flights during which he carried a total of 1530 passengers and 1152 casualties. In all he completed 120 operations, without any accident. Flight Lieutenant Smith was then transferred to S.E.A.C. with No.48 Squadron, where he continued to take part in Army supply operations to forces in Burma from a base in Chittagong"

    Just in case anyone was trying to find it.



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    Chris (et al),
    Fighter/bomber Pilots usually got all the praise/publicity, but here was an excellent Truckie Pilot!! Well done, that man! Been flown, many times, by the likes of him in more modern times.
    Peter Davies
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    A little more info from a family tree on

    He was born at Rosemont, Paget, Bermuda, on June 23rd 1923, and died in Baltimore, Maryland on October 27th 1987. His father was Sir Allan Chalmers Smith.
    He's on the 1939 Register at Exeter School, aged 12, and also on a passenger manifest leaving Liverpool for New York on November 19th 1946. His address in the UK is given as "101 PDC, R.A.F. Wharton, Preston."



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