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Thread: Help interpreting my Grandpa's WW2 RAF service record

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    Default Help interpreting my Grandpa's WW2 RAF service record


    I Would be very grateful for any help in deciphering this record please. Or can anybody recommend if is there anywhere I can send the record to to be transcribed so I can understand it!?

    I have my late Grandpa's service record from his time in the RAF from January 1945 to May 1948. He joined in Jamaica. I need a lot of your help please. I can't understand a lot of the abreviations...

    There are some typed letters at the top of the record AGH.CD. (Prov). Official Number 725354.

    Previous engagements Rank on discharge 2.

    Discharge 14.5.48 Para652 K.R Acl
    Termination of engagement

    Daily Rate of Pay 5
    Debtor Salaries 3 (in red writing)
    Post War Credit in Days 523.

    Current Engagement
    Date of Enlistment (DPE) 15.1.45

    Med Gat Grade.
    On arrival in the UK this airman is to be posted to units south of the Midlands. He may be posted to any stations in England or Wales after six months service in theUK.
    60/45 Prog Pay 15.7.45

    Address on Discharge
    Causeway Green Hotel
    Wolverhampton Rd

    Page 2

    Dep P.O.R
    IRC Fuelksham date of movement 28.3.45
    121/45 unit to 5y. mill. App mc Date of movement 7.6.45
    149/45 unit to 29 M.U G 12xD Check'd 27.7.41 P.O.R confirming arrival Fach
    52/45 Unit to M.U@ Date of movement 3/9/45 and directly underneath in the same column 2q.m.u
    7/46 unit to SIMU Lichfield Reason x Date of movement 14.1.46
    16/9/46 Admitted RAF Hosp Cosford Date of movement 15,11.46 175y/46
    Discharged 16/12/46
    17/47 Admitted RAF Hosp Cosford 10/1/47
    Discharged 12/1/47 Occ M. 17/47
    59/47 Admitted Manchester Royal Infirmary Date of movement 22.5.47
    Unit to 5MV OR 51MU
    72/47 Temporarily released Lic (5)2. (C RF & et 1939) Transferred class G (III) Date of movement 27.7.47
    Recall 25 mu
    31/48 Discharged RAF on 14.5.48
    KR AC.1 Para 652 Clause 1

    31/12/45 Rank AC2 Character VG Trade ACH/OD Proficiency A Sat
    31/12/46 Rank AC2 Character VG Trade ACH Proficiency A Sat
    27/7/47 Rank AC2 Character IS Trade ACH/GD Proficiency A Sat
    14/5/48 Rank AC2 Character IS Trade ACH/GD Proficiency A Sat

    AC2 15.1.45
    I think this is it!

    Any help on some of the abbreviations would be greatly appreciated.


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    SiobhanMac, Hi,
    Welcome to the forum.
    His Enlisted number of 725354 is in the block 723000-728499 Enlistments in the West Indies, allocated between Sep - Dec 1944. So it looks as if he might have walked through the Recruiting Office door somewhere Oct/Nov 1944.
    Your "AGH.CD. (Prov)" is probably "ACH.GD (Prov)" which decodes as 'AirCraft Hand.General Duties (Provisional)'.
    Now before he became an Airman he would have had to do some basic training (Kitting and Square Bashing as most of us know it - Marching, Foot Drill, Saluting, Rifle Drill, etc, etc). Might be that this was done at Kingston, Jamaica. Your "Dep P.O.R." is likely to be 'Departure Personnel Occurrence Report'.
    Lot more of the Experts on the forum will, likely, be along later to add their bits of the story!
    Peter Davies
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    Another snippet for you:

    He appears to have been posted to a number of Maintenance Units (MU) - the first being 29 Maintenance Unit and your SIMU (I believe) is 51 Maintenance Unit which was based at Lichfield.


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    - The History of No. 35 Squadron (1916 - 1982) (

    [Always looking for copies of original documents / photographs etc relating to these subjects]

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    I have found on your thread the term PROG PAY
    Did you ever find out what that meant please?
    Ian Lauder
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